The Plan

...No one ever told me that it was a full-time job to prepare to get sick.  I feel great so whenever we talk about someone having cancer I have to remind myself...ohh yeah, we're talking about me! I have been in back to back doctors appointments getting every test run possible.  During a really dark and difficult time trying to navigate what next steps to take....we were overcome with gratitude that the news came back that cancer has not spread in my organs or bones.  Thank you Lord.  Mark and I have been back and forth to LA and are so grateful to live where we do.  It's nice to have options in a time like this.  However, it has been so frustrating not to have a plan in place since all I want to do is get this cancer out of me...out of fear its spreading.  Tests and more tests have delayed things....doctors having differing opinions on what we should do also have slowed things down.  Ultimately, Mark and I had to gather a ton of information quickly and learn as much as we could in a short amount of time...and move.  Doors opened right when we needed them to - obstacles moved - and finally a plan came together.  Chemo first for 16 weeks - then surgery 3 weeks later - then radiation for 5 weeks.  That should bring me to spring when I plan to be cancer free.  This sign in the photo is by the off-ramp to our house.  It had stickers covering it and one sticker caught my eye all week.  It said 'Survival Mode'.  That is exactly what Mark and I were in.  Seriously taking life 15 minutes at a time.  After going to LA one last time to see a top notch oncologist (which was a miracle we even got in thanks to an angel named Diana at Pink Lotus Breast Center)....when we drove home after that meeting and a confident plan was in place, we stopped at the stoplight and I noticed the sign.  All the stickers had been cleaned off and it said one thing...'One Way'.  That is where we are headed - one way to health and telling cancer to beat it.

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