The Trailer

This film is about the journey of one woman navigating uncertainty, 
seeking peace along the way, 
and truly embracing the abundance of each moment.

Todd Hannigan

Scott Soens
Director of Photography 

Tim Davis


  1. Michelle, I can feel you in every second of this trailer. Your sage perspective, great love, and remarkable ability to focus your attention on what is most vital in life are an inspiration. I look forward to seeing this film unfold, sending it out so it can have the reach it is meant to have, and to supporting you, Mark, Riv and Sea in any way I can.

    Todd, Scott, and Tim - you all are doing something important with this film. The trailer is absolutely lovely. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Michelle for sharing this intimate peek of your documentary. You are our "Professor of Life." By example, you are teaching the pure Joy of being present, appreciating and savoring each moment. You have and continue to be an inspiration to Marc and me. You are surrounded by a devoted Mark, River and Sea and many others that love and admire you. We will proudly forward this trailer to our contacts. What a talented team of Todd, Scott and Tim you have chosen. We look forward to celebrating with You, Family and Friends as we experience your journey on the Big Screen. Love, Diana


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