The Film

No matter your circumstances, only you hold the keys to your happiness.

When Michelle Grinsel learned she had stage IV cancer, she knew there was only One Way forward. She couldn't go back to her carefree existence. With her fighting spirit and forward momentum, this life threatening diagnosis has led her to find peace and solace in savoring each moment. This film isn’t just about cancer. It is about choosing your attitude in order to overcome adversity and making the most of your time on Earth. Michelle's vulnerability and honest admissions have made her a spokesperson for resilience, strength and abundant living. The One Way film promotes the message that life is precious and you don't need a life threatening diagnosis to savor it. This film will leave you feeling empowered, reflective and wanting to embrace each moment… no matter what comes your way.

Todd Hannigan

Scott Soens
Director of Photography 

Tim Davis


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  2. Riveting.
    We must all continue to share our stories.
    Thank you for this.

    Amy Byer Shainman
    BRCA/Hereditary Cancer Advocate
    Executive Producer Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer

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