I love this painting....the title of it is called "Waiting".

Well, the wait is over.  The launch of One Way - A Journey to this Moment is underway and who knows who it will reach, inspire and hopefully change the course of someone's day.  On the eve of the launch, I'm a bit nervous...realizing that the moment has come.  All of the endless hours, collaborations, ideas, working and re-working this final product has come to this point.

When I learned that my cancer had metastasized, I went online to find someone like me...young, mother, optimistic that had a positive outcome.  I couldn't find it.  So I decided to create it myself.  I think that subconsciously I was making my own words of wisdom to live by.  I needed to tell myself that I could do this.  That I could survive and have a beautiful life.  There have been many times I have needed my own words to remind me to be in the moment, not get ahead of myself...and simply remember..."Hey, I'm here - upright and breathing with people that I love and this is awesome".  Simple as that.  I'm alive, and that's awesome.  I am alive, and THAT. IS. AWESOME.  It makes me teary repeating it.

I was in the hospital for two days this week and then tonight to celebrate my homecoming, the girls planned a tea party / dance party (interesting combo - but why not?!).  The girls did my hair...and boy I looked good with pigtails, bows and clips pointing every which way.  I think they pulled out a quarter of my hair, but I got to experience that.  We sipped tea and tried to talk in British accents... and I got to experience that.  We laughed and danced in the dark with glow sticks - with my sweet family while they taught Mark and I dance moves. I got to experience that ... and I got to simply enjoy life.

...and - THAT- is - awesome.

Time to let this baby fly.  My prayer all along has been....reach whoever you need to reach.  Enrich someones life.  This is my legacy and a tremendous gift given by a handful of really amazing souls that worked on the film.  But more importantly, this film came to life because of the generosity of friends and strangers.  This is a collective victory.  Thank you for letting me experience this.

Lots of love,


  1. Big Love .. You are inspiring !

    1. Thank you for creating the film, for sharing your experience, and for the knowledge, wisdom and grace you are giving all of us, and to me. I'll throw out my prayers to the G.M. sky tonight. I'll give my thanks and I'll mean it, and that is all because of you. Thank you.

  2. And what a legecy to create ❤️ As he stated above, you are truly inspiring.

  3. We haven't met yet but I've heard so much about you from my dad and Aurea. You are an inspiration!!! You are included in our nightly prayers and my youngest son calls you "ichelle"!! We are your prayer warriors on the sunrise side!!!
    Peace and love,
    Matt Muszynski

  4. Dear Michelle,
    To me, you are anything but a waiting soul. You are ~ with your offerings ~ actively, dynamically, lovingly contributing to the growth of our human soul. I am so grateful for our paths meeting.
    The following painting, I created years ago:
    It is a part of me ~ of my path ~ and now I feel that in a way ~ The Way ~ it is a part of yours, as you have become a part of mine. I hope it speaks to you, as you have to me, via your generous soulful creative offerings.

  5. PS: I love this painting too, as I really feel the water in it. And that feels extremely cleansing to me.

  6. have you read "Booby and the Beast" blog?

  7. Your movie touched my soul. You are an inspiration. Thank you for your positive attitude and spirit.
    Betty McGrew (Molly's mom)


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